!! OMG, what desperation: Norwegian boy without his butter !!

Call us navel-gazing North Americans, but we had no idea there was a butter crisis happening in Norway right now.
Well thank goodness Norwegian celebrity & blogger (note the ampersand!) Tommy sets things straight. He puts forth this question to all the Americans making fun of the butter crisis: How would you feel if you woke up Christmas morning to find him in your kitchen stuffing his face with all the butter in your fridge?
Yes, keep that image in your mind.

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6 Comments on "OMG, what desperation: Norwegian boy without his butter"

  1. hide you butta | January 15, 2012 at 3:20 am | Reply

    that was fucking hilarious!!! a cucumber costs $6 in Norway, and they are one of the richest countries in Europe. they already produce their own oil, can’t they import some more butter from their neighbors? god knows they need some more boybutter.

  2. Hide yo fridge, hide yo dairy, hide yo cakes, cuz they eating all butter up in here

  3. !!OMG!! Who knew Joan Rivers had an illegitimate Norwegian child!?!?!

  4. A singer and a celebrity.. uh huh, and I’m the Queen of Kansas.

  5. Oh nos! No pussies for Christmas!


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