!! OMG, what in Avril-Lavigne-Hot-Topic-mall-punk Hell is happening here… !!

Whoever the out-of-touch cartoonist is behind the butchery of the new Jem And The Holograms comic is, they better have a seat — because this new blasphemous version is so NOT cute! The “modernized” comic is set to be released in March of 2015 and the publisher says:

Rather than follow the classic storyline of Jerrica being in charge of Starlight Music, she is now a talented musician suffering from stage fright. Something left behind by her father will help her overcome her fear. One presumes it’s Synergy, but who knows.
The initial issue will come with 5 different covers advertised as Rainbow Foil Covers, with one cover devoted to each member of the Holograms (minus Raya!!), and the 5th as a collective group shot. Issue #2 will follow the same general idea, this time with 4 covers, devoted to the Misfits (presumably minus Jetta).

Will you be checking out the new version of Jem once it hits stores? Or should they just let the real Queen Sienna D’enema muthaf*ckin take over and show them how it’s really muthafuckin done?:

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3 Comments on "OMG, what in Avril-Lavigne-Hot-Topic-mall-punk Hell is happening here…"

  1. it’s even worse if he is a fan, how could he do this? that’s not Jem and the holograms at all, every time JEM appeared with a new look you felt excitment you got that wow!! impression this is not even close to it

  2. What the fuck kinda Jennifer Jason Leigh crap is this? Throw abortions at her!

  3. I know this cover might look a bit unfortunate but i instantly recognise this person’s work and i couldn’t be more excited! He is the guy who brought back ‘Glory’ and also his amazing art-style can be fully appreciated through his ‘Wet Moon’ comic book line! He is a fan and has previously made a few Jem designs even before the new comic was even in the making that looked amazing in comparison to this cover here.

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