!! OMG, What is that poopie-smell?: Oh it’s just Maggie! !!

It’s been a couple of days now since Maggy CRAPcher -who famously fretted that “children are being taught that they have an inalienable right to be gay”- popped her frumpy privately owned clogs and and someone finally called a cab so she would leave the party. Let me just say that I write this, not because she died, but simply because she did what she did when she was very much alive and not very well in the Prime Ministerial head.
Being born smack bang in the middle of the hot mess that was Thatcher’s rule, and growing up in Liverpool and Glasgow, two of the working class cities that this week held parties in celebration of her planetary riddance, my socialist parents brought me up to believe two very important things; firstly, to accept and celebrate those who are ‘different’, and secondly that the exception to this rule is Maggie Thatcher, who, to use my mom’s euphemism for “farts” [don’t ask why this word requires a euphemism] is a big pile of ‘POOPIE-SMELL’!
Russell Brand wrote an excellent article this week for British newspaper The Guardian, in which he pretty much summed up what Thatcher meant for Brits of my generation on the side of sanity, who, as soon as they began eating solids and baby-bumping to Bananarama on Top Of The Pops, learned also that the bad smell in the room meant one of two things, either they themselves had done a “poopie-smell”, or otherwise it just smelt like BROCCOLI FLATULENCE as Margarette Thatcher was croaking up more conservative gobbletygoop on the TV again.
You can read Brand’s article HERE, where he discusses her dirty Falkland war-mongering, her refusal to stand against apartheid, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich and his confusion over why The Spice Girls looked to her as a source of Girl Power… Sorry Geri, I think you’re confused love, put your peace fingers down and sush for a second!:

“when I was a child she was just a strict woman telling everyone off and selling everything off…It’s like a whimsical live-action episode of Postman Pat where his cat is craftily carved up and sold back to him.”

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  1. She and Ronnie can burn in hell together now!

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