!! OMG, what’s going on at Burger King? !!

First Cazwell sees BEYONCE ORDERING A MEAL fit for me, then a video surfaces on the ninternet of some be-dredlocked douche-bag BATHING IN A BURGER KING SINK.
I especially love how the toothless Crystal Dodge from the NEWS REPORT has such high standards. Somehow, I have a feeling she’s eaten a few pieces of toast that landed jam-down on the bathroom floor in accordance with a certain “five second rule”.
CLICK HERE to see the video.
Thanks to Mr. Stanfield for the tip.

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9 Comments on "OMG, what’s going on at Burger King?"

  1. I’ll tell you what, I’d gladly chase my Whopper with a tall glass of “Mr. Unstable’s” bath water any day. The guy’s gotta be “cocky” to pull off a stunt like that.

  2. Oh come on, Burger King is all about having it “your way”, and my way would totally be to have my burger with a side of guys’ whatever… that is if I had so little respect for my body to eat nasty Burger King food.

  3. he was in a stainless steal sink used to wash oily meat juices and dried wads of fat out of containers. i think that’s a bit less sanitary then some dude in the sink. people are so uptight.

  4. First off it happened in FL. Secondly, I’d totaly do him. Thirdly, The kid should get money or something. If he turned that woman off to eating Burger King he’s doing her a favor. Oh who we kidding she was on her way in to get her 4th meal

  5. Am I crazy for thinking this video’s kinda hott? Where’s the full-nude version? 🙂

  6. I’d Do him.

  7. Mrs. Dodge looks like a mini-van after the accident.

  8. you make me laugh every day graydon!

  9. Only in Ohio!

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