!! OMG, what’s his secret: Barry Manilow !!

That’s not funny! He’s too skinny! Apparently he is six feet tall and weighs 98 pounds. Mr. Burns! Okay, not funny. Stop.
Read more HERE.
Thanks to Mr. Stanfield for the tip.


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9 Comments on "OMG, what’s his secret: Barry Manilow"

  1. Hey! My first Post!
    First off I LOVE Manilow! Jst wanted to say that He has been partnered (to the same Man) since 1984, in fact all you have to do is look in the liner notes His name is Marc. They are delightful people. (The man he’s with above is not Marc). Peace out

  2. Skinny or not, he’s got good taste. Go Barry.

  3. His friend is club promoter, star-fkr and occasionaly sugar-baby Scott Nevins from NYC.

  4. kevifabulous | July 18, 2008 at 5:47 pm | Reply

    How has Manilow avoided any outings? You’d think with the Hollywood witch hunt to out gays, that he would be first on the block since he’s such a raging queen.

  5. His ‘friend’ is most likley paid help which is how Mr. Mandy-low likes it. He has a long standing reputation for buying his menz company, esp. when on tour.

  6. He may weigh 98 lbs, but I guess the “Mandy” royalties still can’t buy him a decent haircut. That mullet might lend credence to him being straight after all…

  7. the article describes the guy with him in the picture as a “friend” that he went SHOPPING with…. yeah i snickered a little bit.
    i wouldn’t mind having a friend like him.

  8. I care, I care… I’m just way too distracted by El Manilow’s hot friend. Gawd, how trite am I? This comment will most likely read just like every other comment for this post. Otherwise I’m just the lone insensitive perv.

  9. Who’s Barry’s “friend?” His “trainer” or “driver” perhaps?

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