!! OMG, who did it better?: Xtina vs. Brit !!

Britney’s video for Circus has leaked – and it looks oddly familiar…
Who do you think did the Circus theme better? Christina or Britney? Watch the Christina video HERE. See the Britney video (before it gets pulled) and vote in our poll after the jump.
Thanks to Eliazar for the vid link.

16 Comments on "OMG, who did it better?: Xtina vs. Brit"

  1. Nobody even knew about Christina and her circus theme anything, Because nobody cares about christina,Madonna did a circus theme for her Girlie Show, So I guess Christina Copied that right??
    Britney TRUMPS Christina EVERYTIME!!!!

  2. britney is better..it’s whom who can deliver it better…how people buy what they see…it’s how singers make them sell because of the style they show…and a very good credence to is the album sales of the artist…as we see britney is definitely back..when christina used the theme of a circus girl, did she sold better than britney?..the answer is no…britney is far more a click one for the theme…she sold much more than anyone expected when her album debuted in the market…it’s how you can carry yourself, and britney took it the best…

  3. Xtina!!!, britney its copying, why she use this concept when xtina have rencently used… britney is stupid or what!!!

  4. Christina is a hasbeen!
    she doesnt have an original bone in her fat body!!

  5. Christina of course. Britney’s a great performer but Christina is a better singer and she did it first. She always changes her style and re-invents herself. Britney is always the same. I like Britney, I love Christina 🙂

  6. segurosquiallday | December 10, 2008 at 5:16 am | Reply

    Christina did the best job she had the original idea because she did it before britney and its sad as some people say that people copy…hands down I give it to the original Christina Aguilera…

  7. Well, let’s see. Without even watching the videos – Christina’s got feathers, cleavage out to there, 22-inch stilettos, and a 1920’s lampshade around her waist. And no matter what time of day it is… Britney’s still Britney. So, yeah – no contest. Christina wins, obvi.

  8. I find Christina ugly. And I hate the song. And I love Britney. But hate her song also. But Christina did it better. I just liked Britneys dancing queens and the lions. It was pretty bland other than that

  9. Christina so much better!
    She made it first, the song is amazing and she looks fabolous! 😀

  10. Why are the people always comparing them? Both are completely different songs and both shows a different side of the circus theme. Love both of them, because both are so different: Britney is fierce and Christina is melancholic. I’m not a Christina fan, but she did a great job, he same for Britney (she’s back!)

  11. I have to give this one to Christina. Admittedly, I chose based on song preference, but then I’ve always preferred Christina over Britney.

  12. Britney! She’s the biggest pop icon on earth.

  13. I think that Britney has to take this one. I mean, Christina’s has a beautiful style, but Britney’s actually felt like a show.

  14. Britney all the way! She is simply more original with the theme and a better performer over all. Don’t get me wrong, Christina’s voice is phenomenal but Britney brings it all the way!! She’s Back…

  15. Brit’s is way better. Christina’s video was super boring, I mean she can sing, but boring, like most her videos. Brit’s video is a way hot, she looks amazing. Besides Christina’s song didn’t even have anything to do with a Circus, when Brit’s song is literally called a circus, so I don’t even know why Christina had a circus theme.

  16. i perfer christina’s i mean… theres a way to do something and theres a way not to do something im not saying brit brit’s is bad.. but song wise, and style christina tops the cake.

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