!! OMG, who the f**k greenlit a Marmaduke movie? !!

And for that matter, how come no one told me they were making a Marmaduke movie? How do you think it felt to have to read it on the (still very slow) internet? Bad!
Marmaduke, for those unfamiliar with the funny papers, is a comic strip about a very large dog. If you think The Family Circus is too raunchy and Garfield too elitist, Marmaduke is definitely the cartoon for you!
If this is the road we’re going down, I have to say that I cannot wait for The Lockhorns to be made into a film– sure to be a big budget extravaganza of hilarity!
[Via DListed]

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2 Comments on "OMG, who the f**k greenlit a Marmaduke movie?"

  1. If they do make a Lockhorns movie, I vote Robert Duvall and Doris Roberts.

  2. Lee Pace and Judy Greer don’t get seperate cards, but Fergie does? WTF??!!! This will do as well as that Uma Thurman movie.

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