!! OMG, will they ever die: Celebrity clothing lines !!

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The latest celebrity to throw her hat into the fashion arena is She’s the Man star Amanda Bynes, who is pictured above at the launch party for her new cheapy junior fashion line “Dear.” The line will be sold at some store called Steve and Barry’s, which could only be in Los Angeles.
According to the “documentary” on the line’s website, Amanda has “always wanted to be a fashion designer” and was “involved every step of the way in the development of the line.” And you know what? I kind of believe it. I can see her ironing on appliqué hearts late into the night, at least until someone decides to make She’s the Man 2. Or maybe she just looks at the hems of all the dresses and yells, “Shorter! SHORTER!!” That is hard work.
UPDATE: Okay, so in addition to me not realizing that Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer are in Hairspray, apparently Amanda Bynes is as well. For some reason I’m now wanting to see this film a lot less (but I still love you, Michelle!).

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7 Comments on "OMG, will they ever die: Celebrity clothing lines"

  1. steve and berrys is a chain that sells cheap college tshirts and what not. I think they are also carrying parkers line. I live in pittsburgh and we have one here…

  2. My goodness, just look at those dead, soulless eyes

  3. why are you so negative on zac and amanda?
    hairspray is a really good movie and they are both really good in it, and who cares if she makes a clothing line, its her life, i dont understand why you think you’d be able to live it better, last i checked, shes in a lot of movies, uhm where did i see you?
    oh yeah, on a celebrity gossip WEBSITE

  4. I bet she hates those big apple cheeks. They give her face a fullness that is very unpopular L.A. She is a cute girl.

  5. You should’ve done your homework! She’s also in HAIRSPRAY, playing Tracy’s best friend Penny. The girl’s FUNNY! I love her.

  6. Steve and Barry’s is absolute crap. Their pants last about a week and a half before they start ripping apart.

  7. Steve and Barry’s is the college retail cheap-o store that carried Sara Jessica Parker’s line “Bitten”, and the cheap-o basketball shoes, the “Marbury”

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