!! OMG, win tickets to our Inside Out screening! !!

The 19th annual Inside Out Film and Video Festival kicks off this Thursday, May 14 in Toronto and if you’ve already perused the festival program guide, you may have noticed that omgblog.com is sponsoring a screening. And not just any screening! We’re bringing you the most gratuitously sexual short film program gaydom had to offer. It’s called “One Track Mind” and you can win two tickets to it simply by emailing your full name to contest(at)omgblog(dot)com with the words “Inside Out” in the subject line. We will announce the winner on our Twitter feed (follow us here).
Buy Inside Out Festival tickets here, watch gay movie trailers here and check out the full “One Track Mind” program description, as well as the NSFW version of the above photo, after the jump!

Hot Mexicans get naked in Bramadero.
One-Track Mind
Royal Ontario Museum
Wed May 20 7:45pm

Edith’s Hot Vagina – Part One (Edith’s Heisse Spalte – Teil 1)
In this outrageous short, Edith Schröder, a not-so-desperate drag housewife from Berlin, and her three studly subjects, provides a thorough demonstration of the different techniques for giving head. Language: German with Eng Subtitles
This exploration of alienating sexual desires depicts a man struggling with his subconscious yearning for an unattainable experience. Language: English
A woman is transfixed by the beauty of a muscular young man lathering himself in the shower. Language: No Dialogue
The beautiful and erotic Bramadero finds Hassen and Jon’s on the outskirts of Mexico City. Away from it all, they’ve found a spot where they can seduce one another and merge their bodies into one; where sex becomes desire, desire becomes love, and only death will separate them. Language: Spanish with Eng Subtitles
In Sucker, one young man demonstrates his notable”talent.” Language: English
The Back Room
When, just before closing time, a burly bear walks into a bookstore looking for a book about an obscure Italian artist, the lovelorn clerk learns a thing or two that can’t be taught in books. Language: English
Somebody Is Watching Us
Alliocha and Bruno have anonymous sex in a public bathroom but are prematurely separated when one loses his nerve. Later, the two men are reunited by chance in the same ESL class. Alliocha, the young extroverted Russian, tries to re-engage his potential partner but their lack of common language leads them into a unique culture clash. Language: English
Buy tickets to One Track Mind here. See you there!

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  1. wow. i wish i could see that Bramadero. can it be seen somewhere online? Can any of the other films? They seem to be good.

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