!! OMG, worse than Fox News? The BBC !!

Activist blogger Jody McIntyre was recently pulled from his wheelchair (he suffers from cerebral palsy) and dragged through the streets by police officers while protesting tuition fee hikes in London.
Watch him totally own this overtly-biased douchebag BBC anchor in the interview segment above. The BBC should be embarrassed to employ a man like this. He actually asks Jody, who requires assistance to even move his wheelchair, whether he was “throwing things” at the police. (Thanks to Peter for the tip)

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6 Comments on "OMG, worse than Fox News? The BBC"

  1. Jody is cuuuute!

  2. Matt, with all due respect to your respected journalist, sometimes “MANY years experience” isn’t always a good thing, especially on network news. Just look at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if you need any more evidence of that.

  3. While it is clear that Jody does not pose any kind of danger in any fashion, I suspect the “douchebag” had read a police report which indicated this significantly disabled man was a threat, so that his line of questioning came from the police report.

  4. First of all, I don’t condone what the police did to this guy. I can’t understand why anyone would need to drag someone out of a wheelchair….not even in the heat of the moment. That said, look at this guy’s website. He talks about the police being “desperate for violence” and appears to be using the student protests as a means to meet his own radical political ends.
    As for Ben Brown, the news anchor, this guy is a very well respected studio and on the spot journalist with MANY years experience behind him. What you see in this clip is Ben’s interview with Jody, in which he’s putting questions to him about his actions. He has to be neutral, so he can’t enter into conversations about the police action, which makes it seem one-sided. What you’re not showing is the interview later in the same show with a police spokesperson who got the same grilling about their actions.
    Please, before you go labelling our respected journalists with vapid Americanisms in the name of “free speech”, get your facts straight.

  5. this patronising idiot of a man shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near televison let alone covering serious topics such as police brutality on a national news outlet. this ponce makes me ashamed to be english, and he makes it possible for other nations to view us all as insensitive morons. good on Jody for completely cutting him down like he did !

  6. He is quite clearly a dangerous subversive and ought to have been tasered and strip searched on the spot to check for underwear and shoe bombs, weapons, etc.
    I would feel ever so much safer if his type were subjected to an immediate cavity search on the street too.

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