!! OMG, yes, they exist: Gay Republicans on being gay Republicans !!

In this video from Homocon at the Republican National Convention, BuzzFeed highlights the views of gay Republicans as a niche group within a party seeking to curtail their civil rights. Which, of course, is inherently interesting because the rest of us are all “OMG, how are you this blind?!” But they’re also (with one gaysian exception) just a bunch of white guys, so should we be surprised?
(via Queerty)

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12 Comments on "OMG, yes, they exist: Gay Republicans on being gay Republicans"

  1. Hmmm.
    Seems pretty reasonable to me… If you wanna be gay, good for you. If you wanna be gay and republican, no big deal.

  2. Jim: Trivial?!? So a gay couple being able to adopt a child is trivial? Protecting your workplace rights to not get fired for your sexuality is trivial? Republicans are actively working to make those things impossible. If you want to be equal to your counterparts like you say, how could you possibly vote Republican?!? Many gays can’t talk about their significant others around coworkers or ever have a child. DADT not important? Last time I checked, before the repeal, straight military personnel could be open, and gays couldn’t. How are we getting special treatment by a repeal.
    How are Republicans staying out of our lives if they’re trying to tell us who we can marry? Or what women can do with their bodies? Most Republicans only want freedom and less government until things offend their moral sensibilities. To me my civil rights are more important than my tax bracket. Ugh, you just sound like an idiot. Guess we gays, like all groups, have our fair share of those.

  3. Jim you are ust flat out wrong. You seriously WANT us sepatated from the ‘normal’ heteros? You think DADT is a good thing? Im in the UK where we dont and havent had any DADT type thing for a lot longer than the US and its HELPED the military.
    Nice that you dont want to get married, many of us do and not being allowed to IS holding us back and re-inforcing the notion that we are inferior.
    For what its worth im fairly socially conservative and certainly fiscally, but I cannot support a party that hates our very existence. The notion that the republicans want a smaller less intrusive government is a fantasy. Its a total lie, what they want is to push the 1% further away from the 99% and eliminate gays for good.

  4. Gay republicans are basically just grown up twinks….they start out never knowing what it is to make their own money or struggle, they start out going to college on mommy and daddy’s dime, then either at the same time or afterwards get treated by sugar daddy’s, then fall into jobs they were able to get from their education (that someone else paid for) and earn good money….so from a fiscal standpoint, sadly it’s understandable

  5. I’m gay, and I’m a Republican. A REAL Republican. The Republican party as it was founded was about smaller government, personal liberties, and the Constitution. How is that anti-gay? I believe that the government should treat everyone equally, regardless of sexual orientation. I supported the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – and so did many Republicans in Congress! I supported ENDA, and so did many Republicans!
    I’m a true conservative, in the way of Ron Paul and his followers. We believe that the Constitution is the law, and everything has to fit within its bounds. That means no government marriage-for anyone. Marriage is a religious instiution, always was. Let the churches decide who can get married. That way we’re all happy. I can marry my boyfriend at the Unitarian Church, or the Episcopal church, or many others. But the homophobes can stay in their Baptist churches safe from harm.
    I think my taxes are too high. I think I should be able to own a gun and take it with me wherever I go to keep myself safe. I think the government should seriously scale back its spending before we end up like Greece. THOSE are the reasons that I’m a Republican. Why are those bad things? Why are those things anti-gay?
    Still.. This year, I will not be voting for Mitt Romney. This year, I’m voting for the only honest choice for President: Governor Gary Johnson. http://www.garyjohnson2012.com. The only candidate who has ALWAYS supported gay rights, drug legalization, and ENDING THE WARS that Bush and Obam started.

  6. You actually CAN be gay and conservative. I know, it must be a complete shocker that not all gays think alike.

  7. Gaysian? Really?

  8. I think it is ridiculous how you posted this. Seriously, you talk about being open minded and accepting other people’s views, but I guess that doesn’t count if you’re a republican (or gay and white…that white comment made no sense). News flash: not ALL gays support gay marriage believe it or not. And i think that is THEIR opinion, and we shouldn’t judge these people based on their opinion on ONE issue. SERIOUSLY, it’s gay people like those who run this site that irk me and explains why many people don’t like gay people. Moving On.

  9. Sometimes you can post some really stupid things. Just because you are gay doesn’t automatically mean you have to be liberal. I am a gay republican, because I want whats better for my country, not whats just better for me. So what if they don’t support gay rights, as long as this nation as a whole is for the better, that’s what I am for. I swear some gays can be crying “queers” at times.

  10. “…just a bunch of white guys…”
    Next time, writing simply “OMG REPUBLIKKKANS HATE TEH BLACKZ!!!11!” might be more subtle.
    Moving on.
    You do realize the most homophobic segment of the population is the African-American community — who, we are continually reminded, all vote Democrat.
    I wonder why these anti-gay bigots feel so at home in the Democrat party? Weird.

  11. Gay republicans should be ashamed of supporting a party that treats them as second class citizens.

  12. I just don’t get it! I guess I’m a 63 year old gay man that cannot understand why gay people are always so liberal.
    1.I was gay before I knew what’gay’or’queer’ was/is.
    2.I have been a patriotic American ever since I knew what a patriotic American was/is.
    3.I have been a conservative Republican ever since I learned that a Republican wants smaller,less intrusive government, to stay out of my life!
    I fail to understand why gay people are almost exclusively wanting to have government hover over their lives like a nanny,
    “just keepin’ us kids” out of trouble. I want to be equal to my counterparts,not better,I don’t, just because I’m gay, deserve to have any rights that others don’t have. I don’t/didn’t see anything wrong with DADT, I don’t think gay marraige is necessary, as long as gays have the same insurance/visitation,etc. rights that straight people do.
    But what bugs me the most is that gays are so willing to give up so much,(and elect such idiots and dishonest people), just so the things that they(gay) people want, regardless whether it’s good for the country or it’s not.
    The current administration is NOT good for this country, but because it has done a FEW trivial things for gays,they are willing to throw everything else down the drain!
    I just don’t get it!

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