!! OMG, you are NOT fat: This Is Why You’re Fat !!

This is my favourite new blog. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s my Martha Stewart. I mean, not even Paula Dean could come up with recipes this fantastically fattening and delicious. For example, the Garbage Plate:

A combination of either cheeseburger, hamburger, Italian sausages, steak, chicken, white or red hots, a grilled cheese sandwich, fried fish, or eggs, served on top of one or two of the following: home fries, fries, beans, and mac salad. The plate is adorned with optional mustard, onions or hot sauce.

Visit THIS IS WHY YOU’RE FAT to see heaven.
Thanks to my favourite miss-prissy, Sophie.

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3 Comments on "OMG, you are NOT fat: This Is Why You’re Fat"

  1. I looked through all the pages, trying to find something redeeming… But the blog should be called by the tag line, This Is Why You Have Heart Attacks. I mean, I am fat and I don’t eat like this… My arteries clogged up just from looking at these pics.

  2. Seriously, I live in Rochester NY, which is the only place you can get these regularly. I LOVE these. AND I’m NOT fat 🙂

  3. looks like my lunch

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