!! OMG, you be the judge: U.S. Rower denies Olympic boner !!

Olympic rower Henrik Rummel says that is decidedly not an epic boner in the photo above, taken while the USA men’s rowing team received their bronze medals. In fact, says Rummel, that’s just his flaccid peen. Commenting on Reddit feed, he wrote, “This is me and I swear it’s not erect! I don’t know why it ended up in that position but there you go.” Just imagine what his oar can do fully extended.
(via Gawker)

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7 Comments on "OMG, you be the judge: U.S. Rower denies Olympic boner"


  2. 74 year old Florence liked it. She stopped doing the dished twice and put her glasses on and then she was asking for more pictures!

  3. I think definite boner. It is totally standing at attention.. Nice and fat. I can’t wear tight stuff like that without getting a slight chub at least.

  4. Clearly, this is not an unusual size for a male penis. For as much as it is worth, just look at the rower at the far right (end) as his penis is poking thru his shorts. If any man of morals and honesty, would clearly note that this rower does not have a boner. It is simply the position of his penis in his shorts showing his normal flaccid size.
    Also, if it were a boner, then you would be able to see the protrusion thru the shorts as well as the shorts sticking out as it stretches the material of the shorts as a compensation of trying to subdue the erection. People place far too much antics on things that should not be warranted. Grow up people and act your age.

  5. well well well, shabbat shalom, somebody’s circumcised

  6. After all that exertion it’s probably not a boner. Maybe it’s a little chubby. The funny thing is that those shorts leave nothing to the imagination.

  7. I don’t think that’s too big to be flaccid. With pants that tight it’s easy to see how something could get stick in an upright position.

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