!! OMG you can see his butt: Henry Cavill !!

When I first saw young buck Henry Cavill in The Count of Monte Cristo I remember swooning over his boyish looks and perfect skin. Much to my delight he later showed up as a Charles Brandon, a randy member of the king’s court, on The Tudors.

Check out a few NSFW pics of Henry after the jump.


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6 Comments on "OMG you can see his butt: Henry Cavill"

  1. Once I spent a wonderful night with him! We had hot sex over and over. But he is very gentle, caring and loving…He is well endowed, I will give no details, but he KNOWS how to use it and so drove me to the most incredible sexual pleasures; needless to say he KNOES how to do very, very good foreplay!

  2. the best male butts I have ever seen for real or in numerous pics…Believe me! We need to see his cock and balls which must be yummy. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has shown his (not in The Tudors) why cant Henry Cavill show his treasures?

  3. This is sooo last year! But then again, Henry Cavill is so sexy you can be forgiven. As a reminder, the new season starts Sunday, March 30th on showtime. For those of you who are fans of The Tudors, as I am, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill could only make this series better if they were to get together ‘on screen.’ That will never happen…Henry VIII loved his women (especially without their heads)!

  4. What glorious display of butt and back.

  5. Yummy. Id like it up & down

  6. Darnit, can almost see the pecker.

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