!! OMG, you go girl: Rachel Maddow vs. Obama !!

Not only has Obama invoked the name of Jesus more times than George W. did by this time in his run as president (according to David Letterman, my #1 news source), but he’s also turning around on his “fierce advocacy” for LG(BT?) equality in America. A lot of people are saying he’s not who they thought he was. This is all kind of weird cause a stat given shows that the majority of people in the USA (including Republicans and churchgoers) are in favour of allowing gays to serve openly.
All I know is that HE EATS AT DENNY’S so he must be in touch with the real world. Maddow/Winfrey 2012!

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4 Comments on "OMG, you go girl: Rachel Maddow vs. Obama"

  1. All i can do is laugh at the morons who voted this fool into office. If you had listened during the campaign you would have heard the loud cries to stop this dangerous man from being president. But no, you fell for the hype, were led by the nose by the media, and now you’re surprised. Do those of us who read and paid attention it was obvious that this is a dangerous man who about nothing but his personal agenda led by radical roots.
    You’ll be waiting a long time if you expect him to live up to his ‘promises’. Thanks for inflicting this plague on America.
    PS: Maddow is one of the worst ‘journalists’ I have ever seen on a TV screen.

  2. after decades of our political fight for equality, it is terribly dismaying to read comments from gay people that say there are “more important things” to be done and we should just wait… and wait… and wait… because there will ALWAYS be ‘more important’ things to people who don’t care about your rights. the obama administration just took its first ANTI-gay action by DEFENDING dadt to the supreme court ! it’s an outrageous betrayal and we need to call him out on it.

  3. Chris Stansfield | June 11, 2009 at 9:51 pm | Reply

    With all due respect, Eko, it’s the apologists like yourself who don’t recognize that the actions a president takes in his first sixth months can tell us a lot about his priorities and character. It’s not just a gay thing- he has changed his positions on at least seven campaign promises in the last six months (troop withdrawal, the gitmo prisoners, health care, don’t ask don’t tell, transparency, NAFTA, the Cuban embargo). The proof is in the actions- why are YOU so sure he’s all of a sudden going to “come through?” Yes, there’s a lot going on, but presidents need to be able to multitask- and this one doesn’t even require any effort. It doesn’t require a vote or a judiciary- as Commander in Chief, all he has to do is say the word, and DADT is gone. No questions. No arguments. So why instead is he doing things like getting the DADT case rejected by the Supreme Court? Why does this not mean anything to you? So far, Democrats (gay and straight alike) are acting like all those conservatives who held their noses under Bush because he was “at least their guy.” Time to stand up for principals over party, and ideals over politicians.

  4. I’m really tired of everyone saying Obama has “Let our community down” and that he’s “going back on his promises” and things like that just because in the whopping 8 months or so he’s been in office he hasn’t overturned all anti-gay laws. There’s a couple of wars going on, and if everyone hadn’t noticed a giant global economy issue, so I’m thinking those are a little more important and need to be saw to first before he gets around to some less pressing social issues.

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