!! OMG, he’s naked: Shawn Southern !!

Some guy named Shawn Southern from VH1’s Tool Academy (which I’ve never seen or heard of) is naked with some skanks after the jump. He looks pretty good in the picture above, but he looks like a total scag in the other NSFW photo after the jump. Enjoy!


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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Shawn Southern"

  1. omg such a small white one.

  2. I think he looks good. I dated a hot stripper that was just as attractive and package. He certainly was a grower… wrong person to date when first came out… ouch.

  3. I’d let him fuck me hard, fast and deep.

  4. Wow, have any of you idiots commenting ever seen a soft dick?? This guy is not small, he is flacid. I have an 8 inch dick when it’s hard, but soft it is about the same size as this guy. I swear these comments are either pathetic size queens, or folks with no experience whatsoever. grow up. Let’s see how big your dicks are!!

  5. Oh hell no! Is THAT Christina Uglyera in the front? with her nasty tatties? I knew she was stank but damn…

  6. OMG! I have been dying to see his dick since he accidentally pulled his underwear down (during a joke) on Tool Academy! I heard it was small…I think him and his little weiner are HOT! (in a sluty way)

  7. no wonder he’s a tool he has a baby dick lol and i’m sorry but do straight guys get naked with other guys and trannys often?

  8. If “Tool Academy” was a real school this tool would be a Professor.

  9. In that last pic, Is he backed up to a glory hole???
    Thats an interesting protrusion spied between his thighs….lol
    (On second look, maybe he’s on his knees and thats the calf of his leg..) Grinnin… Me Bad… ;{

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