!! OMG, his worst nightmare: Calvin Klein’s exbf is writing an exposé !!

There’s probably nothing worse than breaking up with a guy and then finding out that he’s writing a tell-all memoir about the dirty little secrets you told him… before you broke up. Such is the reality facing Calvin Klein after former boyfriend Nick Gruber confirmed that he and “a well-known author” will pen a book together, called “What Came Between Me and My Calvin.” So, so clever. But will Nick, I wonder, be including the tidbit where Daddy Klein paid for his time in rehab following a run-in with the law? Unfortunately, we’ll have to read the awful thing to find out.
(via NY Daily News)

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9 Comments on "OMG, his worst nightmare: Calvin Klein’s exbf is writing an exposé"

  1. And all the queens come out to attack. Typical.

  2. Ole Calvin looks like death warmed over. I guess Nick had to install an IV drip on Grandpa to keep it from going flaccid.

  3. Bette Davis looked better when she died than Calvin does now!

  4. Calvin Klein looks hideous! Just thinking about him naked makes me want to vomit. I don’t know how Nick was able to sex him…? I guess the $$$ made it easy. I wonder if he (Nick) vomited afterwards. I can see why Nick was drinking and taking drugs.

  5. fashionlegend | August 21, 2012 at 1:58 am | Reply

    hope the book says how ol’ calvin used to come down to soho & rip off all our designs !
    actually buy a piece & copy the pattern ..
    he is a real POS ..nasty , vile , no talent rip off artist ..
    don’t even know how a bum like him had any success …


  7. Well, he was with a boy young enough to his grandson so he gets what he deserves!

  8. Wow.. I think that kid still has pimples.

  9. I have nothing at all against spring/autumn relationships. However, these two look so much alike they could be father and son, and that is kinda creepy.

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