!! OMG, Orlando Bloom shows off his thick thighs and bum while on a stroll !!

Who wears short shorts!? Orlando Bloom hit the hoe stroll in his tight soccer shorts this week while responsibly masked! Find several angles of gorgeousness after the jump!


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11 Comments on "OMG, Orlando Bloom shows off his thick thighs and bum while on a stroll"

  1. All of these photos are hot but the last one where he is bending down is my favorite

  2. Visible undies line does it for me everytime. Hot!!!

  3. His legs – the front looks terrible. The color is off and there is a mess of marks all over. But other than that he looks great.

    • What’s with the cattiness? I bet your legs are better! You should show them off and let everyone know how perfect yours are.

  4. Gawd. Everything. We know all about the uncut sausage but those legs, thighs, and ass. Thank you lord. Masks are almost as sexy as beards these days.

  5. …and IN-N-OUT socks!

  6. Legs make the man. Show ’em off!

  7. That is one fine man.

  8. Gorgeous Gorgeous man!!!!

  9. Now THAT is a damned beautiful sight!! All of it, every inch, every angle…. mmmmmmm!

  10. now undressed……God, to be tongue between the cheeks

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