We must be blind

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been raising a family of blonde children under our noses and not even the Star found out about it….

Celestial real estate

Not content just to walk through a door of miracles, Madonna is determined to own one, or several. According to This is London, the most-famous-Kabbalist…

Nice acting!

We all felt so bad for Joyce when she had her beautiful braids cut off as part of the Fast Forward on The Amazing Race,…

What you really get for $35

I knew I was missing something by not taking cabs home from the airport. It can get expensive, but Mr. Kyle’s spicy experience is priceless….

Invitation only

Today is the release date of the controversial new young adult novel Rainbow Party by Paul Ruditis [purchase link]. It’s a book for fourteen-year-olds about…