!! OMG, why not wear it? Palomo Spain’s Corporate Pannier Look !!

Palomo Spain Spring/Summer 2022

A look from the Palomo Spain Spring/Summer 2022 collection

If writing this column has shown me anything, it’s that two of fashion’s most prominent trends are pieces that make a scene and take up space.

While these notions obviously aren’t mutually exclusive, they’re perhaps no more pleasingly prevalent than in the presence of panniers—those hip-extending accents that found real footing in the fashion world back in the 18th century.

Palomo Spain founder Alejandro Gomez Palomo understood the assignment when offering corporate-corseted flared-out fare on the Spanish brand’s Spring 2022 runway.

What better way to emerge back into office life than swishing in with a look that says business up top, party on the bottom?

Reportedly taking influence from the ‘80s-era excess of cultural icons like The Wolf of Wall Street and American Psycho, here, Palomo illustrates that history can always be mined and tweaked to suit the times.

Especially if those times see executive pirates continually blasting themselves into space; I can’t think of a more appropriate reaction than to reach for workwear that’s expressly beyond comprehension.

See what we mean after the jump!

And speaking of suiting, isn’t this a flabbergasting alternative to a simply-cut set? You’ll never find yourself in a bored room again flitting in with this finery!

There’s all manner of tailored moments in Palomo Spain’s present collection and the bottom line is, none are bland.

And in some cases, they’re even baby.But let’s get back to the business of panniers.

At the recent Met Gala, the much-maligned theme of ‘gilded glamour’ manifested in many ways.

British thespian Gemma Chan channeled the vibe in an opulent Louis Vuitton ensemble. The jacket was from the brand’s 2020 Cruise collection (making her a walking museum of sorts), and the dress is from the luxury label’s current season.

Nicolas Ghesquière, women’s artistic director at Louis Vuitton, played with pannier’d proportions in many pieces for spring.Seems like many creatives are meditating on the mix of irony and incongruity so rife in today’s #mood. And since these feel like“Let them eat cake” days, maybe it’s time to dress for the occasion.

OMG, why not wear it? is our column for fashion lovers who are up for anything. It is an inspiration point, a place for dreaming, and a discussion of beauty, weirdness, and thought-provoking design moments as forms of connection. Written by Odessa Paloma Parker (@odessapaloma)

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4 Comments on "OMG, why not wear it? Palomo Spain’s Corporate Pannier Look"

  1. There’s creativity….and then there is utter lunacy, idiocy, and ridiculousness.

  2. I can’t believe designers seriously think men are going to wear these clothes.

  3. I think what they mean when they talk of ‘High Fashion’ is that you have to be super-high to even think it’s a remotely OK idea to wear this sh*t…

  4. Wear it if you want to look ridiculous

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