!! OMG the gay gods are good: Pam on Pam with a side of Ronan !!

rapunzel pamela anderson

In which Ronan Farrow and Pamela Anderson nerd out in the cutest way, we are blessed with an in-depth Interview about how Pamela survived Hollywood and much more.

Perfectly timed to the launch of her new book Love, Pamela (girl, the feeling is mutual), and her very much authorized Netflix doc Pamela, A Love Story, we couldn’t be happier to be to swept up in this calculated PR vortex.

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1 Comment on "OMG the gay gods are good: Pam on Pam with a side of Ronan"

  1. There are SO many ways in which SO many women are legit victims… this is not one of them.
    This is undoubtedly in the class of the classless: “I won the genetic lottery and thought I was extra-special but now that’s gone and I’m crying about it”.
    See also: The entired Kardashian/Jenner family in 20-ish years.

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