!! OMG, a candy roundup: Murray Bartlett’s best gay scenes !!

Murray Bartlett and Anthony Hill in Looking

Murray Bartlett and Anthony Hill in Looking

Fifty-one-year old Aussie actor Murray Bartlett has earned his place in the spotlight. This talented, charismatic, gorgeous (and openly gay) man has enjoyed a string of massive hits recently, delivering some of the most viral (and explicitly gay) television moments in recent years (his memorable butt-munching in the first season of The White Lotus probably comes to mind, and don’t worry: we have it for you after the jump).

So yes, we all know about Bartlett’s role as the insatiable Armond in The White Lotus, Dom in Looking, and his recent turn as Troy in the biggest series so far in 2023—The Last Of Us—but we actually have more for you… Munch, munch more!

In celebration of the biggest out actor of 2023, these are Murray Bartlett’s hottest gay scenes, all for you after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down for the GIFs! Watch all the Murray Bartlett gay scenes here.

Murray Bartlett and Daniel Dugan in August

This is Bartlett’s only gay scene in a movie. In this artistic gay indie, Bartlett makes sweet, tender, early 2010s love to Daniel Dugan, and we all have the pleasure of waking up to Dugan lying face-up.

Murray Bartlett blows Anthony Hill in Looking

Bartlett made a big splash in this beloved HBO series. It’s hot imagining Bartlett going down on Anthony, but we sadly don’t see anything more than that come-hither stare.

Murray Bartlett and Andrew Keenan-Bolger in Looking

This is the Bartlett we know and lust today! His character’s name, Dom, really says it all. Here Bartlett completely dominates Broadway actor/influencer Andrew Keenan-Bolger from behind. A sign of things to come.

Murray Bartlett and Will Peltz in Welcome To Chippendales

Sandwiched between his roles in 2021’s premiere season of The White Lotus and 2023’s The Last Of Us, Bartlett made an appearance in Welcome To Chippendales, where he completely unleashes on Will Peltz during a sex montage!

Murray Bartlett and Andrew Rannells in Welcome To Chippendales

A beautiful sex scene opposite the stunning Andrew Rannells. Two of the biggest openly gay actors werking in Hollywood today teaming up for a hardcore-yet-loving scene? Missionary: Accomplished.

Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage in The White Lotus

This is the scene that made Murray Bartlett a household name. Mike White’s explosive first season of The White Lotus includes this viral scene in which Bartlett plies his surfer hot employee with drugs and booze before the two are discovered in this compromising position.

Murray Bartlett and  Charlie Barnett in Tales Of The City

One of our fav Bartlett scenes, this one from Tales Of The City is a must-see. In the Netflix continuation of the groundbreaking franchise, Bartlett bottoms for the super cute Charlie Bennett. See it along with the rest of the scenes here.

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10 Comments on "OMG, a candy roundup: Murray Bartlett’s best gay scenes"

  1. Oh, Murray. Found him hot in Looking. He’s the kinda guy you have a ‘crush’ on that you kind of get over the more you are around him. Still hot, but after a while you just want to be friends.

  2. I have good news: I’m sure the feeling is mutual. You can stop worrying if he’s into you.

  3. He still doesn’t do anything for me.

  4. So weird how I used to watch him everyday on Guiding Light in its final years when it was pulling in like 5 viewers and now he’s an A-lister.

  5. What a great “body of work”.

  6. The blond guy in Looking is Andrew Keenan-Bolger, an adorable lil’ Broadway twunk.

  7. He’s sexy but why not show us the D?

  8. The uncredited blond actor in ‘Looking’ is openly gay actor Andrew Keenan-Bolger.
    Bartlett’s character in ‘Last Of Us’ was named Frank, not Troy.

  9. Are y’all hiring proofreaders? This post definitely needs it.
    Also lol @ uncredited blonde actor. That’s perma-twink Andrew Keenan Bolger.

  10. Hello-

    Looking may be my favorite gay themed series ever. I really enjoyed Barlett’s performance
    but i never believed him as a 39 year old

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