!! OMG, WATCH: Paris takes us through her quarantine routine !!

She’s an artist! A painter! A DJ! A mentor! Check out Paris Hilton‘s daily routine while she’s stuck at home being “hot.” So relatable.

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10 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Paris takes us through her quarantine routine"

  1. So sickening

  2. Can’t we just let no news be good news and not fill up space and time with douche of a human? When has ANYTHING she has done been relevant? She was hated even while that other waste of head space was washing her floors and whoring around with famous rappers.

  3. What, no macaroni glitter art to show us? Puerile and vapid don’t even begin to cover this one.

  4. Glen Roebuck | April 29, 2020 at 7:26 pm | Reply

    I mean, the artwork?? It looked like a 13 year old did it.

  5. Who cares what this vapid cunt is doing??? Just a big bobblehead with vocal fry! Can we please find a cure for THIS virus???

  6. OMG didn’t you hear she was cancelled years ago

  7. Why should we care about this pathetic waste of space and her “quarantine routine?” What has she ever done for humanity besides suck up energy? Give us a break. There are millions of us who aren’t living in the lap of luxury and are surviving, paying attention to the news and the reality of living day to day. Stop giving press to these phonies! Please! They mean nothing to us.

  8. Why is this person still a thing?

  9. Can we move on!

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