!! Portable radiation detector !!

portable radiation detector keychain
Living in a big city, you never know what sort of invisible hazards are lurking about. There could be terrorists, pollution, terrorists, radiation, terrorists, second-hand smoke, terrorists, car exhaust, or even terrorists in the air and you would never even know! That’s why this handy keychain could save your life by beeping if it detects any radiation in the air. (via OhGizmo!)
I do wonder though how effective it can be in your pocket with your keys. Do you suppose it would beep if your crotch is smelling a little funky? That could be embarassing.

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  1. John Bordynuik | April 20, 2006 at 4:26 pm | Reply

    This product has directional sensing ability to get someone away from a dangerous radioactive source (orphaned, dirty bomb, whatever). It works quite well and its operation can be verified at:

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