!! Figure skating’s butch new face !!

Evan Lysacek figure skater
After leaving U.S. champion Johnny Weir out of their promotional materials for being too gay, the U.S. Figure Skating Assocation is looking to Evan Lysacek, the other mincing homosexual on the U.S. team, to be more “socially acceptable.”
I concede that Evan wears slightly less makeup than Johnny, but I suspect that the public would approve no more of Evan having a penis in his mouth than they would Johnny or any other figure skater except for maybe Oksana Baiul.
See some socially acceptable pictures of Mr. Lysacek after the jump, along with a sexy shirtless pin-up photo for all you “ladies” out there.

Evan Lysacek figure skater
Evan Lysacek figure skater
Evan Lysacek figure skater shirtless

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2 Comments on "Figure skating’s butch new face"

  1. evan is not gay. he’s been dating Nastia Liukin since Summer of 2009. In case you don’t know, she won the All-Around Gold Medal in Women’s Gymnastics at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
    writing he’s gay when it’s not true is libel…

  2. I am a former competitive figure skater for over 20 years- there is no such thing as the American Figure Skating Association- -its the USFSA, the United States Figure Skating Organization. During my career, I never saw any ‘covering’ up of being gay in figure skating, it was quite out in the open. Thats just one ex-skaters opinion.

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