!! OMG, How Gay: Ex-Gays !!

With this amazing 700 Club segment exposé about life on the down low, screencap queen Rich of FourFour offers up yet more evidence that homophobia is completely faggy! (Watch for the cameo by Divine at the end!)
Thanks to Bobo for the tip!

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4 Comments on "OMG, How Gay: Ex-Gays"

  1. i’m living the quote, down low. and i fucking like it.

  2. As someone who is half black and half white I will never understand why so many black people hate gay people. Homosexuals were right beside african americans when marching for their civil rights. Many black people argue that being homosexual is a choice and being black isn’t. If that is the case, can someone please explain to me why I used to wear wigs and pretend to be posh spice when I was five?

  3. He went to adult bookstores in Middle School? WTF?

  4. Yeah. It was the gay that made you feel tormented. Not the self-hatred, duplicity and dangerous sexual practices. No, it was the gay. Have fun with all that sweet, straight …sex.

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