!! OMG, presenting: The perfect hairy chest TIE! !!

Some of our jobs require us to button-up and wear a tie. But how do you show off your furry tiddies, while keeping it profesh? Check out OPUS’s perfect hairy chest tie after the jump! AND pick one up here if you’re into high-fashun.


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3 Comments on "OMG, presenting: The perfect hairy chest TIE!"

  1. Love a hairy chest in any form!!!!

  2. Perfect if your belly button is just under your pecs… The tie is already weird enough, but on top of that the image is out of proportion for any standard sized man.

    • It’s all in where you start the knot and how many flips you add. That’s a herculean task for me to perform at best, can’t imagine trying to line it up between my pecs and belly button so the pubes land around the belt. The second model (in jacket) got it right, the other pics are way, way off register! Sexy tho.

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