!! President Bush mocks Africans !!

Playing the bongos and girating wildly, President Bush and wife Laura got down with some West African dancers yesterday in the Rose Garden for a ceremony commemorating Malaria Awareness Day. Watch the embarrassing footage above or at The Huffington Post here.

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3 Comments on "President Bush mocks Africans"

  1. You know what? I hate Bush (the president…well, the other bush as well. Perhaps not hate it, but you know). Anyway, he is an imbecile and a horrid leader, but in this case I do not think he was mocking anything. He was just being his stupid, old, white self.

  2. Cian, its not really anything bad. You have to rememberer the President of the United States is an old man. To me, its not an “embarrassing footage” like OMG Blog said. its just an old WHITE man trying to dance. Normally, white men cant dance… and the president proves it.

  3. I saw this last nite, as well. I can’t believe not one single person has commented on this yet.
    How embarrassing for all of the United States. It really did look as though he was mocking them rather than honoring their customs.
    Allrighty, though…for the huge shipment of mosquito nets. Shame it had to take American Idol’s Simon Cowell to get everything started, rather than the LEADER of the UNITED STATES!

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