!! OMG, have you heard? Pride flags banned on U.S. military bases !!

You knew this shit was coming… [instinct]

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Celebrity SPLOOGE! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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4 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Pride flags banned on U.S. military bases"

  1. Good grief! there does not need to be pride flags on military bases. Can you people never stop whining and complaining? will you never be happy? Do you want the whole country painted in f**cking rainbow?

  2. I’m sure some won’t agree, but what’s good for one is good for all. If we (queer community) don’t want confederate flags, christian flags, white power flags, or the like, on military bases, there should not be pride flags either. If the military represents and belongs to all of us, exceptions can’t be made. I don’t want to ask for rights that I won’t extend to others – the point of pride (in part) is equality, so we need to live that too.

    • Screw that. Seriously. A historically oppressed, degraded and humiliated group affirming their worth is in *no* way the same thing as a group that has historically oppressed others announcing their supremacy. If you can’t see that, it points to your own problems.

      • The road to equality begins with inclusion of all… while there is truth to your comment about oppressed, degraded, and humiliated, that also could (and does) include all women, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Buddhists, communists, socialists, the list goes on and on and on. There is a need for us to be represented, but not us more than all of the others, and the purpose of a military base is to affirm ALL Americans. And just because you don’t agree with me, doesn’t mean you need to make it personal.

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