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!! OMG, WATCH: Ben Hardy and Jason Patel star in queer drag romance drama UNICORNS !!

Ben Hardy and newcomer Jason Patel star in this summer’s queer drag romance UNICORNS:

Unable to deny the spark between them the pair are forced down the unexpected path of transformation, where they must question who they are and confront their individual truths. Co-directed by Sally El Hosaini and filmmaker-actor James Krishna Floyd, the film alternates between the thrill of raw desire, the gravity of familial responsibility, and the transformative power of being seen for who you really are.

Check out the trailer above! Thoughts?

!! OMG, Neve Campbell appears as producer at TIFF to promote new doc, discusses whether or not she’ll return to SCREAM !!

“It’s a hard question. Cause it’s a matter of principle as well. As much as I love the characters that I’ve played, and ones that I’ve had a history with, it’s also very important to me the concept of equal pay. I think, we’re still not there yet. I really do believe that if I had been a male the offer would be very different, can’t prove that, but it’s the feeling that I have… and the way that I was treated was not great and it feels disrespectful. And so at what point does self-respect come into play? It needs to always be there right?”

– Actress Never Campbell, aka Sidney Prescott, while at TIFF23, when asked at what point would the love and passion from fans ever outweigh money for her to return to the Scream franchise. Find the clip from the red carpet interview after the jump!


!! OMG, have you heard: Neil Patrick Harris gets pumped !!

Neil Patrick Harris gets pumped for ‘Uncoupled’ season 2. [Boy Culture]

Ooof hottie: Miguel Herran from ‘Elite.’ [Instinct]

Courteney Cox gets a star on the walk of fame. [Lainey Gossip]

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Lada Gaga sued for $500K reward money by the woman who helped steal her dogs. [Socialite Life]


!! OMG, have you heard? Janet is heading back on tour for the first time in 4 years !!

You don’t know what you got til it’s gone, hinnie! [towleroad]

Emily Blunt says Tom Cruise told her to “stop being such a pussy” on the set of 2014’s “Edge Of Tomorrow”. Go owff, Tommy, gurl! [dlisted]

Former major league pitcher, TJ House, comes out [instinct]

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!! OMG, have you heard? Zola and Euphoria star Colman Domingo met his husband on Craigslist !!

He found love in a hopeless place! [instinct]

Twitter reacts to TikTok girl who discovers she’s actually been dating her brother while testing her DNA on 23andMe [ruin my week]

Jen Shah declares her innocence in the RHOSLC Season 3 Trailer [socialites life]

Passengers kept airdropping a pilot nudes. He threatened to go back to the gate if it didn’t stop [dlisted]

Måneskin‘s lead singer bares his cheeks on the MTV VMAs [boy culture]

George Miller has another Mad Max prequel written [towleroad]

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Sarah Palin loses Alaska’s special congressional election to a Democrat [celebitchy]

Show this to people who say “I love to travel!” [sad and useless]

!! OMG, don't miss these !!