!! OMG, set aside some time: 12 queer OnlyFans to check out !!

Top 12 Queer OnlyFansThe pandemic has inspired a lot of folks to get entrepreneurial from their homes, and sites like OnlyFans are a popular option for those who don’t mind sharing in front of a camera.

We made a tutorial last year about how to start your own OnlyFans, and we partnered again with our friends at MyQueerFans to select some extra inspirational accounts that are doing it all just right:

MyQueerFans has reviewed our fair share of fan pages over the years (hundreds, in fact) and know good content when we see it. Sexy bodies, high quality camera work and good lighting landed these models in our list. Discover your newest crush in our lustworthy list and be sure to support their fan pages.

Check out the full list of reviews after the NSFW jump!

Kylan Kiddo

Kylan KiddoSelf-described as an Olympic vers, this 21 year-old twunk knows how to work the camera with perfect lighting and positioning, and he deserves a gold medal for his sex achievements.


Bruno Duarte

Bruno DuarteYou may recognize this sexy yachtie from Bravo’s Below Deck but he’s grown a lot since his reality TV appearance. Filming with his husband Alexis Vincent, Bruno doesn’t shy away from the hardcore, and delivers it all with his trademark smile.


The Danny Ice

Danny IceDanny Ice is a power bottom who loves to please (many, many men). This is a subscription you will want to keep.


Rhyheim Shabazz

Rhyheim Shabazz

Rhyheim has been slaying the game now for a few years and won the GayVN award for Best Newcomer in 2020. He continues to churn out top quality content with his Eye Filmz collaborator, utilizing smooth camera work and HD close ups.

We love the intense connection Rhyheim builds with his bottoms as they engage in long, sweaty sessions complete with lots of passionate kissing. There are also plenty of sizzling hot group scenes featuring other recognizable performers which keeps us coming back for more.


Ten Inch Top

Ten Inch TopAs the winner of the annual MyQueerFans Best OnlyFans poll on Twitter (two years in a row), it’s clear people love Ten Inch Top! Although this daddy top doesn’t show his face, what he does show is infamous, with plenty of POV videos that put viewers in the top’s position. With regular posts and full length videos, we can see why subscribers keep returning for more.


Lipe Scorpion

Lipe ScorpionIn the mood for something a little less hardcore? New to the platform, Lipe Scorpion has built a solid following in just a few short months.

This Brazilian model loves to show off his assets and tease his audience with skimpy outfits, nipple clamps and shower videos. His cute smile is also the cherry on top, adding to the cheerful disposition of his sexy videos.


Big Zaddy (Marco Polo)

Big ZaddyShot in glorious high-quality video, you’ll get a front-row view of insatiable bottom Big Zaddy in action. There is something for everyone, from 1-on-1 and solo videos to hedonistic group scenes. We can’t get enough—and neither can he!


Andy Lee

Andy LeeLondon-based Andy Lee identifies as straight, and he uses his OnlyFans as a place to explore his sexuality. He loves to have fun, work out, and stroke one out for his fans.

He regularly films with his gym and work buddies from the construction site, circle jerking and flashing their goods in public. You may also recognize seasoned performers like Mickey Taylor, Gabriel Cross and Josh Moore who are featured in some scenes.


Danny Cross

Danny CrossThis thicc top has been exploring his bottom side lately and we love to see it. On his page, he sniffs his own underwear, jerks in public and has intense 1-0n-1 scenes. Bonus: His used underwear is on offer to some lucky followers.


Trip Richards (Triple X Transman)

Trip RichardsWe’ve been following playful pansexual Trip Richards (aka Triple X Transman) for a few years now and are always impressed by the content he produces. Hairy, handsome and tatted, this Trip knows how to service and get serviced. He also gets extra points for his continued advocacy for Trans* sex workers and adult content creators.


Lance Charger

Lance ChargerThis friendly daddy bear will put a smile on your face with his hardcore videos. His content includes leather looks, slings, outdoor fun and a wide range of collaborators. Lance brings his professional experience to his private page and it shows.


Christian C (Xtian Mingle)

Christian CWith his recent appearance on Rhyheim Shabazz’s fan page, Christian is one to watch. He expertly takes whatever is being given all while maintaining a mischievous smile under his sexy moustache. We’re still giggling over the deliciously cheeky reference to a certain Christian dating site. We can’t wait to see what else he has up his tatted sleeve!


Still unsure who to subscribe to? Check out MyQueerFans on OnlyFans.com for full-length previews! Thinking about starting your own OnlyFans? Get it right the first time by checking out our tutorial.

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  1. Worst list EVER.. Could show ya a few that are a billion time better and hotter.. I know everyone has different taste but dunno where this list came from.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Rhyheim Shabazz and find Andy Lee highly entertaining and funny! Don’t really like POV but Ten Inch Top is a really good fuck…trust me, I know

  3. All it takes is one person to sub, and all of their content can be leaked for free to some random site and be spread like wildfire in a matter of hours or days across the web. The only thing these “content creators” are doing is letting their stuff be replicated. No one cares about legal ramifications anymore since there will always be someone right behind the first person who downloaded their content. So why bother subscribing at all?

  4. not one of those would I care to see naked, let alone pay for onlyfan account. #sorrynotsorry

  5. Can you do a list of the top 20 fan page baiters? They need to be called out.

  6. most are not attactive. bye girl

  7. How do you not have Keegan Whicker (klwhick) on this list ??

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