!! OMG, model River Viiperi shares a photo of him weighing himself, shows his undercarriage in the process !!

We know where at least a few of these pounds came from! Check out model River Viiperi‘s cheeky social post this week where he flashed his bits to fans!

Find it after the junk… err, JUMP!


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26 Comments on "OMG, model River Viiperi shares a photo of him weighing himself, shows his undercarriage in the process"

  1. Worth a lil perv. If y’all want straight out porn there’s plenty on the net. I don’t get people bitching and moaning about people or the site that they don’t pay for.

  2. Umm…..Where is this photo you are talking about that shows his goods? Did I miss it?

  3. He has lovely feet, though.

  4. How desperate do you have to be to notice that?

  5. I think you should look up the definition of undercarriage.

  6. Wow. Scraping the bottom of the barrel here!

  7. FOR REAL?
    FOR REAL????????

    • Your constant trolling shows a level of desperation heretofore unknown in this hemisphere…….possibly the world.

  8. The entire bottom of the picture is his pisshole and the tip of his cockhead! It’s so obvious that you overlook it.

  9. So what happened? There were more graphic pics and his reps asked you to take them down? If that’s not what happened, this blog really has completely gone to HELL….

  10. Wow, this seems pretty desperate.

  11. What a disappointment and waste of [email protected]

  12. I’ve seen better reflections in coffeepots on ebay.

  13. Move along folks. Nothing to see here. What the…. OMG?

  14. Holy clickbait Batman. There ain’t shit to see

  15. ^exactly, this post is bunk.

  16. If you squint and use your imagination. There it is! LOL

  17. This is NOT worth the click at all. Why post this crap? Nothing to show…and I mean NOTHING TO SHOW

  18. i think i see it in the glass reflection. looks like he is in the nude

  19. Ur kidding, right?

  20. Oh I see, there’s a reflection of his you-know-what over his right big toe. It might have been cold in his bathroom.

    • Well, from previous “leaked” nude pics of his it’s apparent he’s either ALWAYS in super cold environments OR he just simply ain’t working with much to begin with!! lol NOT trying to be an ass or a size queen, I’m actually a fan of his (he IS a pretty man!!!) he just has an average to smaller than average penis! Not everybody can have that “ginormous, porn star sized” pecker.


  22. Hello-

    what undercarriage?

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