!! OMG, RIP: Ronette’s ‘bad girl’ singer, the legendary Ronnie Spector has passed at 78 !!

Ronnie Spector, whose “hard-edged yet tremulous voice” soared on the Ronettes’ girl-group hits of the early ‘60s, died on Wednesday of cancer. She was 78. Her official website reads:

“Our beloved earth angel, Ronnie, peacefully left this world today after a brief battle with cancer. She was with family and in the arms of her husband, Jonathan,” reads a statement on Spector’s official website. “Ronnie lived her life with a twinkle in her eye, a spunky attitude, a wicked sense of humor and a smile on her face. She was filled with love and gratitude. Her joyful sound, playful nature and magical presence will live on in all who knew, heard or saw her.”

Née Veronica Bennett, she forged an enduring “bad girl” image with her older sister Estelle Bennett and cousin Nedra Talley. Be My Baby may be one of the most romantic classic songs of ALL-TIME! Ronnie was so major. Her presence will be missed on this planet! Thank you for the music.

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  1. i loved the ronettes music and followed ronnies career. i was 13 when be my baby came out! i miss her already.


    • I don’t actually believe this was by the usual SHANNON: 1) it’s positive and 2) it’s not at 130 am or later 3) the basic structure of the comment isn’t completely disjointed and incoherent. I do actually think the OMG Blog team posts half of the stuff attributed to SHANNON………go figure. Makes about as much sense as the “pay and we’ll stop the pop up spam.

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