!! OMG, he’s naked: Ryan Harper Gray !!

Oh, how rather fitting that actor Ryan Harper Gray bares aaaaaaall of his nature for us in the direct-to-video movie Nature. Mmhmm, you know what I mean.
UPDATE: Ryan’s lawyer sent us a C&D so we had to take down the images. I guess you’ll have to go find the DVD. Sorry, everyone!

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ryan Harper Gray"

  1. He looks a lot like Jarod Diamond? Did Jarod retire from porn and this is his real name??

  2. Um am I the only one that sees the seem of the prosthetic penis? Come on people…..enlarge the image that shows peen….you see the difference in color and it is a very visible line….and that penis looks like a cold piece of plastic. I would wager I am correct.

  3. Good hot “movie” sex for this young actor with wonderful buttocks and a normal-size circumcised cock , as there are millions in the US.American males must feel indentified (via the cut cock) with the sex scene!

  4. Ryan Harper Gray has a sexual penis, well-desired by most women, and beautiful butts!

  5. personally, i like the “young hairless 20-somethings.” be it the fact that i am one, but if i wanted to have sex wit a caveman, i’d time travel back to the dinosaur days n find one. but that’s just me… lol

  6. Meowzer…can I post some here? No, it’s not able to be done in these replies. So there’s the response to your snarky comment. There are plenty of other sites that do post hot pics of hairy guys.
    And again for you and R, you are right…I, as well as anyone who isn’t self absored do appreciate the variety of men out there…but what gets me at times is I never see them on OMG, I usually only see the 20 something twinks, and I wish there was more variety here, because I like the site

  7. MEN are wonderful! Hairy, bald, young, old, if a swingin dick swings, what more can ask for!!!

  8. His weenie reminds me of a vienna sausage.
    That is not a size judgment or anything, when I saw it, I thought of one of those canned sausages 🙂

  9. BillyBear… can you post some pics of naked, hot, hairy older men? No? Thought not.
    Some of us like naked men in any way shape or form. I applaud OMG for finding them.

  10. It is not surprising if you are saying that because of your username: Billy Bear. We all should appreciate all types of men regardless if they are not hairy, smooth, skinny, muscular or fat. Do me a favor and stop discriminating.

  11. He has hair in the right place! GREAT bush! YUM!

  12. Ha!!! Right on, BillyBear!! I’m just as shock as you are. Keep ’em hairless twink pics coming…can’t get enough!!

  13. Hey look everyone! OMG Blog has forced yet another reader to come look at naked pics of people he’s not attracted to. I’m shocked, shocked I tells ya that readers are forced to come here and view & comment in this shocking way ….. oh, wait ….

  14. Hey look everyone! Some faceless internet person has posted a bitchy complaint about what somebody does with their own website….I’m shocked. Shocked I tells ya…Shocked is the only way to described how shocked I am.

  15. Hey look everyone! OMG Blog has posted yet another naked pic of a hairless 20 something twink….I’m shocked. Shocked I tells ya…Shocked is the only way to described how shocked I am.

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