!! OMG, double candy: Bruce LaBruce’s ‘Saint-Narcisse’ !!

A still from Saint-Narcisse by Bruce LaBruce

Félix-Antoine Duval in Saint-Narcisse

We interviewed Bruce LaBruce last fall as his latest film Saint-Narcisse was making the festival circuit rounds. Now that it’s available on the small screen, we can all enjoy certain… highlights of the film at home (after the jump, in fact!).

The story is a LaBrucian take on the Greek myth of Narcissus—the guy who became obsessed with his own reflection. LaBruce takes the metaphor and makes it material in this tale of identical twin brothers who fall in love with each other.

The magnetic and extremely handsome Félix-Antoine Duval plays both twins, and LaBruce uses a variety of clever film tricks to create one of the films most climactic scenes, when the two brothers realize they can no longer deny their connection to each other.

Whether you interpret the scene as twincest or a symbolic narcissistic fever dream, it’s sure to push some buttons. If you’re curious, check out this artful and sexy scene after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down to see Saint-Narcisse in all his glory, and check out the other scenes from the film here.

Watch the full scene and other sexy moments from Saint-Narcisse here.

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    • So “HAWT-ER”? This is where I have to stop and wonder. There’s someone else who has used “HAWT” quite a bit over the years….a member of the OMG Blog team to describe various nude posts. Which brings me back to the question of whether they’ve been trolling their own blog…..?

  2. God, I want to eat an ass like that

  3. And what do you do when you need a last minute post to complete the day’s blog upload? You recycle an old post, make it so the pics can’t be enlarged, and do a pay link to Mr. Man! But of course!

  4. They’re hot … er, he’s hot.

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