!! Scarlett Johansson does Louis Vuitton !!

While I find these photos to be less cringe-inducing than Scarlett Johansson’s L’Oreal commercial, probably due to the fact that photos cannot speak, I just don’t think Scarlett makes a very good model.
Since acting doesn’t seem to be panning for out either, it might be time for her to do porn. Photoshoots, not videos.
See two more shots from the Spring 2007 Louis Vuitton campaign after the jump.

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2 Comments on "Scarlett Johansson does Louis Vuitton"

  1. im gay and i think she looks absolutely beautiful in these promotions? whats wrong with them…tell me?? p.s. i also think shes a great actress!

  2. While I always agree w/everything OMG says…I think ur being a lil harsh on Scarlett…she’s a good actress, grt smoky voice..her acting carrer is fine…why such rough criticism?

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