!! OMG, a candy round-up: School Daze !!

Miguel Herran in Money Heist

Miguel Herrán in Money Heist

Why are high school dramas so compelling? There is intense nostalgia for the classics like 90210 and Gossip Girl, everybody loves the cast of Riverdale, and international hits Elite and Baby have captured North American audiences with their queer plotlines and unrelenting drama.

There is just something about teenagehood that makes for a great story. And when things get sexy on-screen, remember the actors are far beyond their teenage years, so enjoy!

We’ve rounded up some very NSFW moments from our favorite School Daze shows and films after the jump!

Watch the full School Daze playlist here!

Norwegian short film Anti-Reproductive Mating Ritual will make you want to book a flight to Oslo

Joe Dempsie shows off in Skins

Connor Swindells in Sex Education, showing off his big one in the cafeteria.

Miguel Herrán in Elite. So embarrassed in the hallway!

K.J. Apa looks good from every angle in Riverdale.

Grayson Lange looks excited in this scene from Enemies with Benefits.

Cody Christian in Teen Wolf – Swoooooon and then some more swoon.

Luke Cook shares bathtime with us in  Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Ross Lynch in My Friend Dahmer – Just cast the content aside for a sec and take in the visual.






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  1. This whole thing should have been a KJ Apa appreciation post.

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