!! OMG, new music: Scott Hardware ‘Millionaire’ (ft. Deidre Nox) !!

Scott Hardware Millionaire
Scott Hardware‘s new single “Millionaire” is the product of years of reliving a memorable one-night stand with a richer man. Deidre Nox provides a haunting vocal layer to the sexy, dreamy soundscape, and the video, which Hardware co-directed with Monica Moraru, paints a mournful and romantic portrait of that persistent memory.

“Millionaire” is the latest single from Hardware’s album Engel, which was just released today. Buy Engel now or listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

Watch the video:

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2 Comments on "OMG, new music: Scott Hardware ‘Millionaire’ (ft. Deidre Nox)"

  1. How unmemorable! Just a lot of electronic nonsense.

  2. Beautifully haunting. Love it!

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