!! OMG, are they real? SHAPESHIFTERS @artsy_busy @cupidsvault @isshehungry @lustsickpuppy @matieresfecales @salvjiia @yovska !!

Matieres Fecales
With makeup, craft, and digital manipulation, you can be anybody you want to be. These seven artists push the limits of their flesh to new dimensions of beauty, horror, and WTF is that?

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bitch slut loves swimming

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I be up in the gym just working on my fitness

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1 Comment on "OMG, are they real? SHAPESHIFTERS @artsy_busy @cupidsvault @isshehungry @lustsickpuppy @matieresfecales @salvjiia @yovska"

  1. I’m getting too old. Never been into “Cosplay”, faeries, mythos, or Goth – this does nothing for me. However, as Billy Eichner wonderfully summed it up;

    “If you are over 18 and have time to [dress up for Halloween], you have time to vote”.

    I hope these artists at least did that.

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