!! OMG, we’re all ears, bb! Shawn Mendes posts cryptic letter to social media expressing desire to live as his ‘true self’ !!

Shawn Mendes has shared a letter (written in Apple notepad, where else!?) with his fans which alludes to him not living his life authentically sometimes and additionally, — a desire to finally do so!

Find his full letter after the jump! What do you think this could be about, OMG!? Are we waiting for the other shoe to drop?


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9 Comments on "OMG, we’re all ears, bb! Shawn Mendes posts cryptic letter to social media expressing desire to live as his ‘true self’"

  1. Let’s all act surprised when he comes out of the closet

  2. I hope this queen isn’t going to make a dramatic attempt at coming out after denying for so long that he’s been gay. He sure as hell won’t get my support, and I hope other gay people feel the same way.

    • Coming out is not an easy process, and everyone does it at their own pace and time. He is only 23, so when you say that he has been denying it for si long, means that he started getting grilled about this subject when he was 18 or even less. Which is not fair, yes he is quite gay, but no one should feel pressured to come out. So I am really confused that you feel offended by he not coming out when you wanted him to do it, you should instead feel empathethic of his journey. People these days….

  3. It’s probably that he’s really a dork and an introvert and not really a heartthrob. He should start writing his own music then.

  4. Hello-

    I’m hoping said cryptic letter means what I think it means.

  5. Very cryptic. It does indicate that there is more to be told… Just hope whatever it is does not become a Brittany-Amanda-esque feeding frenzie.

  6. In public relations terms, this is referred to as a “soft opening.”

  7. I remember at one time there were rumours that he was trans, but i think it was just that, a rumour. But good on him, whatever his truth.

  8. Doesn’t sound very cryptic to me as someone who deals with mental health issues every day of my life. Depression, anxiety, bipolar type 2, Adult ADHD, it’s all a pile a crap that builds and leaves you feeling like your either flying high or drowning. No matter how good things are, you still feel like something’s still wrong, like there is always another shoe just waiting to drop, and like you’re never really who you’re supposed to be. I hope he has the support network he needs to help him deal with whatever his mental and emotional struggles are.

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