!! OMG, intense candy: ‘Elite’ Season 5 !!

André Lamoglia and Manu Ríos in Elite Season 5

The fifth season of the Spanish teens gone wild series Elite is out on Netflix! Season 4 debuted less than a year ago, and season 5… Well, we’ll just say this is by far the most explicit season of Elite yet, and features some of the most explicitly gay episodes that mainstream television has ever seen.

In fact, we don’t know how much further the Spanish series can possibly go, especially considering its home on the mainstream Netflix. Case in point the 3:40 bedroom scene featuring just about everything you could imagine happening in the bedroom.

We have the highlights of that scene, plus other eye-popping moments after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down for our fav bits, and watch all the full scenes here.

Omar Ayuso gets it missionary style:
Omar Ayuso nude in Elite
Manu Ríos discards his full condom:

Manu Ríos checks out the produce:

André Lamoglia makes a fist:

Manu Ríos spits:

Manu Ríos’ pokes through:

André Lamoglia and Manu Ríos jerk it together:

Manu Ríos dives in:

Yes, there is a lot of gay sex in this show. Watch André Lamoglia go balls deep in Manu Ríos:

Plus, enjoy these bonus pics of these and other gay scenes in Elite:

Watch these scenes from season 5, plus more scenes from the other seasons of Elite right here.

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8 Comments on "OMG, intense candy: ‘Elite’ Season 5"

  1. Ah needs to see poobs and peens….

  2. The show is fantastic and despite no frontal nudity there are some very erotic scenes, especially in the later series.

  3. Hello-

    has as already been stated how frank or graphic can the show be described as being
    if there’s never any frontal nudity?

  4. Yawn! I’ll stick with Minx which doesn’t shy away from this! The shower scene is still one of the all time best frontal male nudity out there!

  5. Hmm, no frontal nudity — or only if we pay for Mr. Man?

  6. Where’s the actual nudity? Zzzzzzz

  7. Great skin, but the show has lost its oomph. And where are the parents and teachers? All they do at school is congregate, sit, or leave the classroom. It was crazy before and hot, but also had more reality.

  8. Yet not 1 actual cock shown

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