!! OMG, they went there: ‘Shortbus’ nudity !!

Shortbus threesomeJohn Cameron Mitchell‘s 2006 film Shortbus made a huge splash on the indie film circuit when it was released. It featured untrained actors, several of them engaged in unsimulated sex scenes. Its portrayals of queer love and community were sweet, occasionally cringe, but ultimately very real.

Almost fifteen years later, is Shortbus as extreme as we remember? Check out the NSFW GIFs after the jump and let us know!

Watch the full scenes here!

Paul Dawson opens Shortbus by actually shooting a load into his own mouth.

Paul Dawson sex ShortbusLater, Paul is joined by PJ DeBoy and Jay Brannan for a real gay threeway, complete with ample oral and that iconic rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung into a butthole.

Shortbus thressome Jay Brannan Paul Dawson PJ DeBoy

BONUS scenes: Paul Dawson films his bath and Raphael Barker gets caught with his dick out.

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14 Comments on "OMG, they went there: ‘Shortbus’ nudity"

  1. Jay Brannan said all three took Viagra for the scene, not realising it has a similar effect on other parts of the body, which explained why his cheeks look so flushed and his lips so pouty!

  2. I still have a copy of the movie. It is freaking awesome. I love everyone of them.

  3. One of them still hosts a show on CBC radio, which is a big deal up here.



  6. Actually met PJ DeBoy. Nice guy…smoked pot with him and chilled out. Didn’t realize it was him until later on.

  7. It’s basically porn with a story in between.

  8. Didn’t this movie pretty much ruin the careers of everyone in it?

  9. I love men

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