!! OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: American speed skater and four-time Olympian KC Boutiette !!

American four-time Olympian speed skater KC Boutiette shot a sexy nude snap with a photographer when he was 25, and recreated the photo again recently. Find them both after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: Images have been removed upon request.

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23 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: American speed skater and four-time Olympian KC Boutiette"

  1. Glad I got to see this when it was still up because man has a beautiful cock! Should be proud of showing his wonders!

  2. And of course the pics get pulled. I saw the initial post which featured featured one full frontal when he was young. A later update (maybe from a nude issue of a famous sports magazine) showed him on a platform posing. It also featured a full recreation of the original nude. Guy still looked great. And yes, there was a very slight (very slight) difference in his penis which could completely be explained by room temp, angle and the fact he had trimmed his pubes a bit. If he posed for those pics I’m not sure why he or his people would ask for them to be taken down. The question is whether they’ll actually show up in some magazine. I’d like to see them again.

  3. In the 5th photo, his penis looks bigger than in the 4th pic. Photoshopped?

  4. 25 wins by a long shot…!

  5. Hello-

    not to be picky but it would have been nice if he had posed erect.

    • That’s literally all you do is nit pick….. Then wonder why people with media exposure don’t show dick…or bitch about the “uninhibited exhibitionist”

  6. Guy is ripped!!!

  7. I’m not sure if this got updated after the fact or not (there are a few people saying the recreated pic is clothed), but the 4th pic is the original, and the 5th pic is the recreated version. The first pic is kind of like an intro version. It’s cool seeing both pics side by side…that being said, I don’t know if its because of the angle or what, but his dick looks thicker in the recreated version.

    • It’s the same penis. I been studying penises for many years and have observed that the amazing organ is constantly moving, shifting, expanding, and contracting due to involuntary muscle movement that controls blood flow. At one moment the shaft and glans and may appear thin and with a pointed head, a few minutes later, thick with a mushroom head. I get a literal “heads up” that my husband’s cock is on the verge of arousal when his cockhead starts to expand. As it gradually inflates toward its plump mushroom profile his shaft then starts to thicken and lengthen. I see similar activity in photo 5. Looks like KC might have been more relaxed and verging on aroused second time around.

  8. Still hot as hell-nice smile

  9. nice cock!

  10. He should have done the new photo nude as well he’s still sexy

  11. I did the same shoot 20 years later but they didn’t post em side by side. Ha!

  12. Don’t know where they stole these from but I did do new ones 20 years after the first shoot on 1996. I posed exactly the same way but they must not have found the new ones. Ha!

  13. I wonder why he opted to do it clothed if it’s a throwback? Probably would’ve had more impact if he’d done it in the buff, just to show older guys can still look good, too.

  14. Nice package, but otherwise I’m underwhelmed. It doesn’t feel like art, nor porn, but just “there”. Like, see, I have a big cock and I’m proud.

  15. Still sexy as hell!

  16. Whoa nice meat

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