!! Star-spangled double embarrassment !!

This lady hit her head and couldn’t remember the words to our national anthem. Oh wait, she hit her head after she screwed up. No excuses then…
Listen to how riled up the Canadians get when she forgets the words. Why do they care? (Thanks to Angie for the tip!)

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4 Comments on "Star-spangled double embarrassment"

  1. Why do we Canadians care!?! We don’t actually. But we do love when when Americana gets a good slice of humble pie served to them!

  2. …what a tool. i don’t understand why she comes back out onto the ice after leaving the first time! you need to know when to stop!

  3. It’s considered extremely rude to forget a national anthem when singing it. Canada loves it because it’s like a big fuck you to America, lol

  4. This one is my favorite! I feel like it’s a build up to the grand finale!

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