!! Still Living The Dream !!

Tomorrow the winner of the Dreamgirls DVD “Living the Dream” contest will be revealed. With so many fantastic entries, I can’t imagine how they will choose only one grand prize winner, but it must be done.
Check out the above video, where Bradley C. really lets it all out in his rendition of “And I Am Telling You.” The white fireplace is the perfect backdrop for his complete and utter freak-out.
See a couple more of my favorite entries after the jump. I need to reiterate what genius this contest was. Let others take it as a perfect example of how the Internet can be a wonderful, wonderful thing.
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Meet EagleWomyn, who obviously has spent some time on The Stage:

Here is a hot Asian lady with the crazy facial expressions who may be singing nude:

And EagleWomyn is back with another! I love her:

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