!! Straight lads contest winner !!

Yesterday I posted a “caption this” contest for the above photo, and I never dreamed I would get over 300 responses! Ya’ll are crazy for Straightlads.com evidently.
There was one clear winner, and this is his caption:
Paul struggled manfully with the ‘Hot Doggie’ position before realising that Brad still had his shorts on.
Congratulations, Matt UK! You’ve won a one-year subscription to Straightlads.com (link NSFW)! Thanks again to the folks at the Gay Bloggies for making the contest possible.
Just for fun, I’ve included some honorable mention captions after the jump.

My hotdog has a first name. It’s B. O. N. E. R. – Brian
After where I just had my mouth, why do I hesitate with this hot dog? – KT
“It’s a commonly-known fact among straight boys that, if you turn a blind eye to your friend manhandling a sausage, neither of you is gay.” – Ryan
With his brothers foot up his ass and 7 hot dogs in his gut, Adam suddenly realized that the ‘Foot Long Weiner Stunt’ was no longer worth it. – Patrick
Do you think I could break Kobayashi’s world record if I devour weiners from both ends? – Scott K
“O hai! Plz wait, secksy rugby stud wuntz eatz before treatz!” – LOLHumancat

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7 Comments on "Straight lads contest winner"

  1. You know guys, I’m thrilled to have won something with what I thought was a humorous caption to the picture. To those of you who congratulated me, many thanks for your kindness. To those of you who have nothing but scorn for Frank for choosing this entry and contempt for the entry itself, could I just remind you that one mans meat is another’s poison. What you find funny, someone else doesn’t and vice versa. Check yourselves once in a while and wonder why you need to pour such scorn and vitriol onto a simple little competition, just because you didn’t win.
    Oh and Ruben, posting your entry twice doesn’t mean you will have more chance of winning. It just means that when you don’t win, you’re twice as pissed off (apparently). And check out http://www.dictionary.com for the meaning of the adverb ‘manfully’ before you start whining next time.
    Oh my, we English do love a good argument! Bye boys………..

  2. The Kobayashi reference was much funnier than the one that won, IMHO.

  3. Some of the honorable mentions are way funnier than the one that won. I mean come on “struggled manfully”! Manfully isn’t even a freaking word, plus I posted my caption twice and it didn’t even get posted.

  4. I agree. That sucked. Perhaps you should have a poll.

  5. Yeah. I agree with Kevifabulous. That wasn’t even remotely funny. There were loads better ones that had me in stitches.

  6. Awesome, I got an honorable mention 🙂 These contests have been fun. This was my favorite so far.
    Congratulations, Matt!

  7. I know I’m not the funniest person alive and my comment was no winner, but come on. That fucking won the contest? Whatever.

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