!! Support those who support us !!

The Human Rights Campaign has just released its 2007 Buyers Guide, just in time for holiday shopping, so we can all spend our dollars with companies who are doing their part to further equal rights for all. It’s an easy and very important read.
Download the Buyers Guide here [PDF].

A few companies that need a good spanking:
1. Exxon Mobil is one of very few companies to still score a perfect 0, as it has every year in the past. Obviously they refuse to initiate any sort of protections for LGBT employees out of some sort of spite. Once my car is out of the shop, I will continue to try and boycott their gas stations. Try BP, Chevron, Texaco, or Shell, which all got very high scores.
2. New York fashion pioneer Donna Karan is in the red. Goodness knows the gays have been good to her over the years, so why isn’t her company being good to us?
3. For all their homoerotic advertising (and their extremely gay CEO), Abercrombie & Fitch can’t seem to do better than 50%.

But the good news is you can buy either Coke or Pepsi, as they both scored a perfect 100! Now all the gays and lesbians of America can continue to make themselves obese with those delicious syrupy treats.

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2 Comments on "Support those who support us"

  1. Ah crap, I just started buying all my gas from Esso, which is an Exxon sub in Canada, because I get aeroplan for it ūüôĀ
    I’m sure they can’t pull any of the stuff they do in the States – e.g., legally they’d have to provide same sex benefits just like the ones they canceled in the US for the Mobil employees. Not sure if having a talk with the Canadian folks as to why I’m having to switch my gas buying will help any.

  2. Not surprised about Exxon/Mobil. You wouldn’t have believed their treatment of those of us who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. It never mattered to them that we had no mail service, no electricity , or telephones. They were pissed they weren’t getting their $25.00 gas-card payments on time.

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