!! OMG, Teletubbies to reboot series for Netflix, airs this November !!

Now, for some exciting news coming out of the UK: Netflix’s new preschool-aimed division shows announced Wednesday that a reboot of “Teletubbies” the British children’s show about four characters known for their gibberish language, their bright antennas and the TVs on their stomachs – is on the way!! And Tituss Burgess will narrate the show, which will premiere Nov. 14 on Netflix.

“Join colorful friends Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po on wonder-filled adventures as they learn and grow in this 21st century refresh of the beloved preschool series,” reads a description from Netflix. “Each episode includes new, original ‘Tummy Tales’ songs that will have the entire family dancing along!”

This all sounds wonderful to me. We need more happiness and positivity in this world or at least something for ravers who are just coming home to watch while they come down. AND after all, a gay icon like the Purple Teletubby has truly earned their stripes! But what we really need is to see the Baby Sun return in all her full grown adult glory! Nothing has changed. She looks exactly the same. Hire her:

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