!! OMG, it’s called FASHUN, look it up! The circle beard !!

Well, it looks like Fashion has done it again. Save some bussy for the rest of us, guys! – cuz this type of swagger just ain’t fair!

The CIRCLE BEARD is sweeping the basements of many mothers whose incel sons still live there. You heard it first! Check out some incredible documentation of this new craze after the jump! (DISCLAIMER: If you are currently looking for work, a new job, trying to find a partner, etc., then ignore this post!)


[via sadanduseless]

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6 Comments on "OMG, it’s called FASHUN, look it up! The circle beard"


  2. Legion Keign | June 14, 2022 at 9:04 am | Reply

    I betcha they’re sexual dynamos!

    Oh, and there are bodies buried somewhere, probably under mama’s new cement patio, off the side of her doublewide.

  3. I’m guessing nearly each of them has said “it’s cool if you’re gay bro, just as long as you don’t try to make the moves on me” at least once.

  4. For when you want to look like a giant dingleberry .

  5. Hideous.

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