!! OMG, ‘The GaysTM’ have their interest in ‘Survivor’ piqued once again as NASA twunk emerges !!

The year is 2023, and some of y’all twinks weren’t even BORN in 2000, much less remember when Survivor first aired. This show’s been running now for over 44 seasons, a lot of these twinks must be thinking “ugh, my mom watched that show when she was in college”. They want REPRESENTATION.

In the words of Valerie Cherish: Well… they got it!

Enter Carson Garrett, the nerdy twunk that works for Nasa that plays dirty! Say no more fam. Check out a gallery of Carson from the Tika tribe to wet your pallet after the jump!


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14 Comments on "OMG, ‘The GaysTM’ have their interest in ‘Survivor’ piqued once again as NASA twunk emerges"

  1. He’s not even Tom Daley levels of ‘twunk’ or attractive, he’s a bit closer to Tom Holland and that Tom is far fitter than this guy, but I do like the interviews you can find of him on-line, he definitely seems personable but very intelligent and intelligence has always given me a boner, but I’m surprised so many people are falling all over themselves because – once again – he’s really no twunk, just a fairly decent looking for non-romance reality TV and openly gay, which for reality TV has stopped being notable after the fourth gay person won an entire season’s competition – which was – what, 10-15 years ago?

  2. Nasa Twunk could get his own brand going if he keeps those titties out!

  3. He looks OK until you see the pic with the guy behind him is a full head taller than him and realise he’s a munchkin.

    • SERIOUSLY?! The guy is a NASA engineering student, beyond smart and incredibly adorable and that’s what you come up with? I actually think you’ve topped SHANNON in the rude and bigoted department.

    • That’s probably one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever seen on OMG, and there have been a lot.

      • You’re probably just a short man that’s easily offended.

        • And you’re just an anonymous person with a keyboard whose default setting in life is bitchy c**t.

          • Everyone has their preferences. People make shallow comments on here all the time. Pubes, no pubes, too muscley, too skinny, attractive face, not attractive like Jake just said…but somehow I’m worse because I made a silly joke about his height? Is height off limits? Have short guys gotten together and added it to the growing list of things that must not be mentioned? The woke short?

    • Not to mention that we only see but just a fragment of the whole scene going on in that tiny little still shot. Going with your logic the guy behind him is also like 3 times as big around as he is. Does height really matter THAT MUCH?? If your boyfriend prerequisites are that stringent I imagine you live a pretty lonely, miserable existence because this dude is HOT!!!

  4. Hello-

    a candidate for the best looking guy ***EVER*** on Survivor.

  5. He is ridiculously sexy. I can’t take it!

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